Joe and Bing Wall

These were taken during our performance on "Gabe Kaplan Presents the Future Stars," in Los Angeles, 1976. In the background are glimpses of our "band": Loren Korevec on bass in the picture on the left, and on the right Mitch Margo on congas. Mitch was one of the original "Tokens," who were heavily involved in the production of our RCA album in 1975-76.

This shot from a performance somewhere in the mid 70's

"Sitting on the Backporch Blues" in Brandreth, NY


Backstage at the Last Chance Saloon with the "band":
Loren, Mitch, Joe and Bing


Here we are today, contemplating our next career move, after a day of sailing on Long Island Sound.

An afternoon in November, 2005, with Eumir Deodato at his home. We played some new songs for him, and made plans for future recordings and concerts. It was a great reunion after a number of years of phone calls and email.

Live in concert at Greenwich Academy in April 2007

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